Mimolette Vieille

Le Beffroi

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Originally matured in cellars of the town of Lille, this cheese is also named 'Boule de Lille'.

The method of production of this cheese is very similar to the Dutch cheese 'Edam' and it is in fact thought to have originated in Holland. However, when the French minister Colbert forbade the import of foreign goods in the 17th century, the French started making the cheese themselves and Mimolette was born.

Flattened top and bottom, and about the size of a small bowling ball, it begins its life as 'Mimolette Jeune'. After maturation, the centre acquires a perfumed, yet salty flavour and graduates to be called 'Mimolette Vieille'.

The Low Down
Milk Cows, Pasteurised
Country France
Region Nord Pas de Calais
Rennet type Animal
Age 18 months 

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